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Mystery Calling

Customer Service Training

We design and deliver practical, interactive courses that give you and your team the opportunity to learn and practice excellent customer service skills. We can run them on your own premises or at a third-party venue, if that's more suitable. The courses come in 1-day and 2-day versions (depending on your budget and the amount of role-play or workshopping you'd prefer) and can be split into shorter modules.

Each session can be 'topped and tailed' with pre- and post-course activities, so participants can hit the ground running and quickly integrate what they have learned. If only one or two people need training, there are also spaces available on public courses throughout the year. Read some testimonials about our training here.

Listed below are some of the programmes we run for our clients. We customise each course to suit your organisation and training needs. Prices quoted are indicative and the cost depends on the degree of customisation and after-course service you prefer. We recommend limiting attendance to no more than 18 participants to make sure there is ample opportunity for discussion and interaction.

  • Telephone Skills for Customer Service
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    Successfully manage interactions and develop great customer relationships over the phone. Essential for anyone who interacts with customers, including Help Desk staff, Call Centre agents, or Managers of phone-based teams.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day
  • Handling Complaints & Difficult Customers
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    Learn how to handle complaints and turn them into a way to improve your service. Acquire the skills to calm down irate customers, turn arguments into constructive conversations, and sort things out.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day
  • Assertiveness Skills for Customer Service
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    Gain insights and skills to help you manage those challenging conversations where you have to insist, set boundaries or say no to your customers. The course contains a variety of techniques and strategies for standing your ground firmly and respectfully.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day
  • Emotional Intelligence in Customer Service
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    The ability to manage emotions (both our own and others people’s) is essential for success. This course applies the principles of Emotional Intelligence to customer service, helping you to respond to your customers more effectively.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day
  • Communication Skills for Customer Service
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    Learn how to build rapport with your customers and confidently manage interactions from start to close. This course is for anyone regularly involved in face-to-face or telephone contact with customers and clients.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day
  • What Do Your Customers Really Want?
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    This workshop examines and compares the different methods available for gathering customer data and analysing the results. You’ll learn how to get to the essence of what your customers are saying, and put that information to good use immediately.

    1 day version from $2400 + GST per day

For public courses on Customer Service and Leadership Communication, visit Real Spark Training

Mystery Calling

Mystery calling is an effective way to assess the level of service provided by your frontline staff. Our mystery callers can phone your call centre or, if face-to-face interactions are important to your business, they can visit your premises and assess the quality of service on offer.

Our service helps you assess the training and development needs of your staff. We've developed a flexible competency model which can be used to assess various aspects of customer service: from basic professionalism to the higher level behaviours that delight customers and turn them into loyal fans.

We'll help you decide which competencies to focus on, and then, once we've compiled the results, we'll help you interpret them and offer advice on next steps.

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Step 1

We'll help you decide which particular customer service competencies you'd like us to target and measure

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Step 2

We'll phone (or visit) your staff to assess how they perform against the competencies agreed on in Step 1

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Step 3

We'll compile the results, then help you to analyse them. We'll also offer advice on training or development

About Us

Jay Amelia Stone

Real Spark Director, Course Designer and Lead Trainer Jay Sone has trained managers, team leaders and staff for over 15 years. She works with companies and organisations of all sizes and across many industries. She’s also trained extensively in the public sector and with non-profit organisations, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Jay specialises in effective communication skills and the habits of great customer service. Throughout her career she’s retained a strong enthusiasm for training which empowers people to communicate confidently under pressure and in challenging situations.

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Carolynn Day

Real Spark Relationships and Resources Manager Carolynn Day has wide experience in project and events management in the UK and New Zealand. She handles enquires and makes sure we uphold our commitment to excellent customer service before, during and after training. Carolynn is committed to building and maintaining strong, constructive relationships through proactive and ongoing customer support.

She also runs Clarity, our document editing and writing service and organises our Point of Service Mystery Caller surveys.

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I just wanted to say a huge thanks for being part of our conference this weekend – not just as a facilitator, but as a participant.

Whether you realise it or not, both you and Carolynn give off an awesome energy and really inspire people just by sitting next to them. You guys rock!

Kerri Tilby-Price, CEO, Exult Ltd
The training was excellent, perfectly tailored to our needs with a good combination of theoretical content and practical exercises. Everyone appreciated [Jay’s] confident presentation and professional facilitation of the day.

[Her] skills were superb in integrating the experiences people proffered into the workshop. I hear staff talking about some of the concepts and feel confident that what was discussed is being practically applied.

Dr Sheryl Jury, Auckland Regional Public Health Service
Jay's contribution to the Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum has been invaluable. Jay’s mix of professionalism and humour puts people immediately at ease and creates outstanding group rapport.

Her habit of challenging delegates to move beyond their comfort zones and reach a deeper understanding of the course material has proved highly effective.

Elaine Taylor, Master Trainer, Ericsson Leadership Core Curriculum
At Palmerston North City Council we pride ourselves on the service we deliver to our region and it’s residents. So it was only natural to take that same service ethic and apply it to the way our corporate services training was delivered to the organisation.

We chose Real Spark as our partner to show us the most effective way of doing that. They’d already delivered so well for us in the past.

The benefits of this decision were apparent even before we started. Will Moore from Real Spark helped us tailor a solution that not only raised the level of awareness and customer service capability, but also ensured a fit with our organisation’s values.

We trained 50+ people over the course of a week and the outcome was exactly what we were looking for - and that was a motivated, informed and empathetic customer service ethic.

Brent White, Information Manager, Palmerston North City Council
[Jay] is a professional and confident presenter and the facilitation skills used throughout the workshop were nothing short of excellent.

Peek has a diverse group of people and [Jay's] ability to get everyone involved and excited about their participation was fantastic.

Eugene Fraser, General Manager, Peek Exhibition Design & Display

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Auckland 1346

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